Hi, I'm Glauce!

My curiosity in going to different places started when I moved to Dubai.  This curiosity turned into passion until I became addicted to exploring places where the world and when time can offer me. Each and every place I have visited has its own beauty, incomparable and most importantly, memorable.  I should have started my blog sooner, but as they say, it's never too late to start something great.  So here I am! I will be posting my travels - experiences, must things to do, tips and a lot more! 

Aside from travels, I have a huge interest in food. Yes, I am a foodie. I eat not because I am hungry but because it is my hobby! I also like to try local food of the places I have visited.  I believe in the relationship between food and culture, and that just captures my attention of my trips.  Expect to see posts about gastronomy!

I try to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle.  Though I am not a pro yet, I am still not giving up to achieve my goal in acquiring my ideal weight and to finish a marathon someday. 

So this is me. What about you?



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