Birthday Cake

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

I wonder. When did the tradition of birthday cake start as part of a celebration? What is the relationship between the birthday and the cake? How about the candles on top of the cake? Do you know?

The tradition of celebrating person's birthday with birthday cake and lit candles originated in Germany since the 18th century, however the link between the cake and birthday celebrations may date back in the ancient Roman times.

The cake is topped with one or more lit candles, which the birthday celebrant attempts to blow out. However, the exact origin and significance of candle blowing is unknown.

My experience in working with people from different backgrounds, the tradition of celebrating birthdays varies from one to another. There are people who belong in some religious groups don't celebrate at all. Birthday is insignificant or just an ordinary day. A certain population look forward to birthdays every year and celebrate it grandiosely or any possible way. The bottom line is, there are people who don't believe it's special and there are people who do. Which group do you belong to?

I am the person who thinks birthdays are special. For me, it's a celebration of a new life, recognition of your existence, and your essential purpose in the world. It's just a happy day to be grateful and to count on your blessings.

The birthday cake here is for our good friend, Wellah. It's artistically decorated and it tastes really good ordered from Cake Talk Bakery Dubai. This bakery is highly recommended if you are looking for cake delivery within 6 hours with very good quality!

- glauce

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