My Packing Checklist

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

I am counting the days for my birthday trip in Italy. Couldn't stop imagining the smell of the coffee, the enticing pizzas and pasta varieties, mouth-watering gelatos, the delicious limoncellos, wines, Italian cheeses, Mediterranean olives and the sensational pastries and desserts! Above all, the romantic sceneries, beautiful houses, charming narrow alleys and the Italian sunshine that will make you wish you won't ever leave.

But before making this imagination into a reality, I need to pack! That's me. I like to pack ahead of time and to have a packing checklist really helps a lot. Just like any other packing wishlist, I categorize my things according to usage.


- shampoo

- conditioner

- body wash

- loofah

- toothpaste

- toothbrush

- mouthwash

- hygienic wash

- deodorant

- comb


- facial wash

- eye & lips make-up remover

- make-up remover

- toner

- day cream

- night cream

- eye cream

- cotton pads

- cotton buds

- body lotion

- body oil

- foot lotion


- panties

- bras

- socks

- towel


- shoes

- slippers


- mobile charger

- camera

- camera charger

- power bank

- power bank charger

- headset


- liquid foundation

- pressed powder

- eye brow kit

- blush on

- lip balm

- lipstick

- eye shadow set

- mascara

- eyeliner

- make-up brushes

- highlighter


- accessories

- sunglasses

- hand bag

- hat

- passport

- travel itinerary documents

- book

- travel pillow

Of course, I have set clothes ready according to the itinerary of the travel. The clothes vary according to the season. This time around, it’s going to be a very lovely weather with light clothes on!

Yes, I'm not a light traveler.

Here I come, Italy!

- glauce

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