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Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Plastic pollution affects animals, humans and our planet. This is a brilliant campaign of Carrefour UAE!

According to ConservingNow, an estimated 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide each year. This comes out to over one million per minute and billions ends up as little each year. Imagine that.

Shopping in UAE is abundant of plastic bags. Residents got accustomed to it which impacts the awareness of the people regarding plastic pollution. I will not be a hypocrite. Living here since 2006, I am one of the people who never thought about plastic pollution and even hoarded for more plastic bags to re-use later.

The hoarding gradually changed when I started traveling in Europe. When you go to a supermarket, you have to buy the plastic bag if you come empty handed. Or when you go for shopping, the sales attendant would ask you if you need a shopping bag / paper bag. Why spent extra cents when you can avoid? People in Europe bring their own shopping bags or even return the paper bags when offered. They are very responsible and seriously take part in contributing their share against the war of pollution.

So, I was in Carrefour today to buy this week's supply of sweet potatoes, I got intrigued with these large, loud green marketing ads of "Reuse Together". Then I saw a shopping bag made of canvass. I asked the lady in the cashier about it.

To summarize what she explained to me, I have an article from Carrefour website.

Carrefour was the first retailer in the UAE to sell reusable shopping bags, having launched its now iconic ‘starfish’ bag in 2007. Since then, Carrefour has consistently encouraged all customers to re-evaluate their usage of single-use plastic bags and consider how they can opt for more sustainable alternatives. Today, Carrefour sells three different types of reusable bags: a woven plastic bag (retail price: AED 2.5) a canvas foldable bag (retail price: AED 9.5) and a heavy-duty juco bag (retail price: AED10). Carrefour promises to replace any of these bags at any point if they are damaged or can no longer be used. 

As an added incentive, Carrefour customers shopping with reusable bags will be able to take advantage of fully operational dedicated counters for reusable bags across all hypermarkets, which will save them time at the final stage of their shopping.

Isn't that great? I just bought my canvas foldable bag today, willing to contribute my share to fight against plastic pollution to save our planet. And of course, I would love try these dedicated counters next time.

Buy your bag today!

This is simply amazing, Carrefour! The campaign will bring awareness in connecting with nature.


- glauce

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