Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a great source of fiber, vitamins and minerals.

So, it's the start of my second week for the 21-Day No Sugar Challenge. I overloaded myself with Greek salad last week. It's one of my favorite salads especially because of the feta cheese as one of the ingredients. Even if it's one of my favorites, I couldn't have it again for another week. I definitely need something else to eat. And of course, it should be healthy.

Wandering around the Fruits & Vegetable section of Carrefour Supermarket, I took the usual stuff like cherry tomatoes, cucumber, lemon and suddenly I bumped into a pile of sweet potatoes! How come I never thought of these?

Based from the testimonies of my friends who are successful in losing weight, they suggested to have sweet potatoes while on diet. It is a good replacement for our staple food, which is rice. Though I considered it before, I have never tried it.

I found myself placing 4 sweet potatoes into a plastic bag, weigh to indicate the price and thinking if having these as part of my diet will work for me. I will only know if I will try.

I bought 5 pieces to try.

There are so many ways how to prepare sweet potatoes in a healthy way. You may bake, roast, mash, grill or boil. For starters, I decided to bake them with olive oil.

Inside the oven.

Here is my finished product after 45minutes! Will you eat the skin?

Let me know!

- glauce

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